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Baby Boomers Are Traveling the World Using The Internet

The baby boomer generation were those post war babies born between 1946 and 1965. Their huge numbers have remodeled society and it’s values with each decade that has passed.

It is almost impossible to generalize individual personality attributes simply from when a person was born in history but as a collective the baby boomers are associated with rejecting the status quo and the standing rules of society and have revolutionized the way the world works. The fact that there are so many of them made them a fairly difficult force to reckon with and as time has passed they have certainly left a radical mark on the world.

One of the things they are largely responsible for is the birth of the computer. Those of us at a later time now find it almost impossible to visualize our lives without the computer and the internet. The baby boomers, despite the fact that it was their generation that created these amazing tools,have no trouble seeing a life without these two as they have lived it. They are the transitional generation who passed from the old comfortable ways into a brave new world where everything they had been brought up with seemed to fly out the window to be replace with a scary new technology.

At first many were unsure of the necessity of computers and would only use them for the tasks that could not be avoided,usually in a work place intent on marching into the technology filled future. As time has passed though,out intrepid baby boomers have done what they do best and adjusted and then thrived. Most people of this generation are now old hands at using the computer and the internet and employ both to make all the tasks of their daily lives simpler. Many have even given up the comfort of their traditional newspaper for the up to date immediacy of reading the news online.

Another area where the baby boomer generation has grabbed the bull by the horns is in the area of travel. It would not have been unusual for the parents of this generation to have never left their country of origin except for purposes of war but the baby boomers tell a radically different tale. As international travel became more affordable and more available to the general public this group embraced it wholeheartedly and started a tourism boom the likes of which the world had never seen. In fact, it could almost be said that this generation invented the concept of international tourism and the rest of us just followed in their footsteps, reaping the benefits. It was this group that put in the original travel that opened the world up to the idea of tourism as a major money making industry and gave us the the comfortable situation that we now enjoy in most countries. They probably even invented backpacking and no doubt did things much tougher than we can imagine.

In the end it only seemed sensible that the baby boomers would combine the two big influences of their generation and start using the internet to obtain cheaper and more tailored travel. It made sense to start using their newly honed computer skills to research and fine tune their own itineraries. This is a group that are well used to forging their own paths and the internet provides them with the opportunity to do just that with their travel. It also allowed them to save the cash, something that there is evidence that this generation is better at than any that passed before them.They, more than any other generation, seem to have put a lot of effort into providing for their own futures and they did not do this through squandering money paying people to do something when they could do it themselves. Travel purchasing on the internet,therefore, made an awful lot of sense to them and they started off the trend for purchasing travel online that has had such a profound and long reaching effect on the travel industry itself.

Many people were quickly able to see the signs of this industry moving online and started to take advantage of the trend by creating their own businesses to cater for the people that wanted to buy travel in this way. Not surprisingly many of those setting up online travel businesses are baby boomers themselves. They have seen the writing on the wall, tipped off by the way their friends were embracing this new online option for travel.

Today most people prefer to buy their travel online and the online travel industry is thriving. The travel industry is at $8 trillion and in the next ten years projected to grow to $15 trillion. It looks like a good time to jump in. Come join us on our Dream Vacations.