How to Have a Positive Reaction to Change in the Workplace

Change is all around us. It is happening to both you and I as I am writing this article. In the words of Charles Darwin, it is not the fittest that survive but those creatures that are most adaptable to change. When change occurs in our lives it can be a daunting experience. The truth that many people are afraid to face is that change can be scary. Imagine you just graduated and entered a new career. Suddenly you find yourself in an unknown environment – new faces, new concepts and new ways of doing things. It can be overwhelming.

You need not fear this. What you can do is to embrace change wholeheartedly. It is all in your subconscious mind. You may realize it but your mind loves changes. Change may look fearsome but it is also an exciting thing. Instead of trying to resist it – try to look at change as an opportunity to rediscover something new.

Chinese philosopher and author of the Art of War – Sun Tzu said: Opportunities multiply as they are seized. This is exactly what happens when you embrace change. Here are some tips you can apply to respond to change positively.

1. When you start seeing change happening in your workplace- gather as much information as you can about the change.

2. Engage in introspection as to how these changes is going to affect you in the workplace. You may have to work with a new boss, or your company has been taken over by a new management and there is planning a major re-shuffle.

3. See how you can fit in to the changing environment. Instead of simply accepting change – think of how you can contribute to the change. Perhaps your management team wants some ideas of how they can implement the changes objectively. Give them some suggestions on how this can be done. They will appreciate you more as you are seen to be accepting the changes and giving the impression on how you can adapt with them.

4. Act it out – imagine how the change will affect you and act accordingly. It might look a bit tedious in the beginning but when you keep trying you certainly will become better at it.

On a final note – the only other certainty in our live is the uncertainty that life provides. Remember the changes that you face are the excitement that gives you the edge to survive. When you