Change Management at the Unit Outlet Management Level

Most MBA classes concentrate on change management at the Corporate Board Room and CEO levels and yet for every corporate board of directors there might be hundreds or even thousands of outlets and subdivisions. Change Management cycles are equally as important to same store sales, company profits and efficiencies at the unit level.

If the team members and management at the store outlet level do not work together then the store is not efficient, sales slack and the system crumbles. If on the other hand at the store level everything is running smoothly at all stores then the Corporate Board Members look like geniuses, take all the credit, retire on the Golf Course and write a management book.

Indeed the corporate level folks are partly to thank or to blame for the management at the unit or store level and yet without proper training and team work at that level nothing good will happen and the customers will know it and sales will drop off too.

Goals and conditions along with mission statements must be set and agreed upon by verbal, written and social contract between managers, assistant managers, swing-shift managers and team leaders of each department at each store or outlet. If not the system breaks down and everyone loses, especially the shareholders. Consider all this in 2006.